Saturday – Venous Hands­-On Training

7:45 -­ 8:05
8:05 -­ 8:20
8:20 -­ 8:30
8:30 -­ 8:45
8:45 -­ 9:00
9:00 -­ 10:00
10:00 -­ 10:20
10:20 -­ 12:00
12:00 -­ 1:00
1:00 -­ 2:30
2:30 -­ 3:00

Test your venous knowledge
Imaging for chronic venous obstruction
Clinical aspects of pelvic congestion syndrome
Imaging for ovarian and pelvic vein reflux
Clinical cases on treatment of deep vein disease
Live imaging and discussion
Hands­-on imaging
Hands-on imaging
Live imaging and discussion

The participants registered for day two and three conference courses will acquire expertise in the following areas: 

Ultrasound Image Optimization

  • Learn how to use all the important knobs on the ultrasound machine
  • Understand basic principles of physics and directly apply them during routine imaging
  • Appropriate use of transducers, maneuvers and patient positioning during imaging

Venous Pathology

  • Learn the ultrasound venous anatomy and recognize the surrounding tissues
  • Recognize pathology and be able to distinguish from artifacts
  • Determine the different types of reflux and obstruction
  • Determine acute vein thrombosis and recognize chronic luminal changes
  • Understand the differential diagnosis and recognize non-venous pathologies

Complete Venous Report

  • Use appropriate terminology
  • Include maps and images to make a report detailed and easy to read
  • Understand the significance of the findings and report incidental pathology

Patient Management

  • Construct a venous map
  • Understand the different types of treatment
  • Understand appropriate use of each treatment and adjunctive therapies
  • Determine the appropriate follow-up

  Physician: $2750    Allied Health Professional: $2000